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Dr Ramani – PhD in Clinical Psychology at UCLA, now university professor with private practice, author of two fantastic books.  Highly recommended for those wondering if they have a narcissist in their lives, or needing to familiarize themselves with the “vocab” words used in many narcissism blogs/videos.  Excellent for learning basic concepts, traits, and subtypes.  YouTube channel is well-organized, with “Glossary” and other categories.

Dr Les Carter – PhD in Clinical Counseling at University of North Texas, operates a private practice and runs  Well-recommended for those having to deal with narcissists, has many convenient “listicle” videos.  Excellent resource for those seeking a more garden-variety-yet-narcissism-literate perspective.

Dr Todd Grande – PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision, also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Newark, Delaware.  Highly recommended for those who believe they may be dealing with someone with any Cluster B personality disorder or related clinical presentation – Narcissistic, Borderline, Antisocial, or Histrionic, as well as psychopathy.  Does a fabulous job of teasing out the variants of each, comparing and contrasting them with each other.  Excellent resource for further fine-tuning one’s knowledge of these conditions.

Lisa A Romano – New York City-based Breakthrough Life Coach and Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert; also a terrific author.  Highly recommended for those seeking to learn more about narcissism and narcissistic relationship experiences.  Excellent for those “me too!” moments.  Content is along similar line as Dr Ramani, although different angles are taken.

The Little Shaman – spiritual coach and narcissism specialist with private practice (, accepting appointments (remote/online, multiple platforms).  YouTube channel has extensive archives, also well-organized, covering a variety of both overlapping and unique topics.  Highly recommended for those who’ve been through Dr Ramani’s “Glossary” video section, and looking to segue into healing/recovering from the abuse/relationship.  Excellent straight-shooting videos – both shorter/concise videos and longer “deep-dives” into particular topics.

Melanie Tonia Evans – time-line therapy and advanced kinesiology practitioner, developer of the Quanta Freedom Healing technique (not a sponsored plug), runs a website with an excellent blog.  Highly recommended for those who have found validation through the information on narcissism, realized they’re dealing with a narcissist in their lives, and are ready to break the curse, so to speak.  Very uplifting, positive, and encouraging.  Excellent for those for whom information alone brought insight but little relief (which is almost all of us), and who are ready to get on with healing and move beyond.

Crappy Childhood Fairy – while not a doctor or therapist, she is a very wise and self-educated layperson who is quite knowledgeable in healing from Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or C-PTSD, a common theme in many survivors of narcissistic relationships.  Highly recommended for those with childhood backgrounds of dysfunction.  Very earthy, straightforward, yet compassionate.  Excellent for those looking to heal this common source of dysfunction in their adult relationships.

Kim Saeed – a life coach and founder of, a narcissistic abuse recovery site and author of “How To Do No Contact Like a Boss”.  Has lots of different videos on narcissism information, as well as breaking free from the narcissistic relationship.  Highly recommended for those looking for good information in short bites, and those looking to break away.  Very proactive; most videos are “short and sweet”, under 10-15 minutes (usually less).  Excellent for those with less consecutive time and who need proactive information quickly.

Rebecca Zung – a Top 1% divorce attorney based in the US whose specialty is divorce in narcissistic relationships.  Also has videos on narcissism itself.  Highly recommended for those who are considering or actively seeking divorce from narcissistic spouses.  Very empowering and informative!  Excellent for those looking to explore what they may be up against in a divorce from a narcissist and avoiding the traps and pitfalls that may arise.

Sam Vaknin – a diagnosed narcissist and author of a book on the subject, also has a website.  Referenced by Dr Ramani occasionally, and recommended for those seeking firsthand information about narcissism from an actual narcissist.  He is not overly cruel, although the videos obviously carry a darker vibe, and perhaps a hint of sexism at times.


Melanie Tonia Evans – narcissistic abuse survivor and healing/recovery provider.  Excellent, long and detailed posts that really speak to you.

An Upturned Soul – the child of two narcissistic parents.  Extremely well-written posts that follow fascinating thought-streams.  No new posts since late 2019, but the archives are well worth the read!

Turn Bold – narcissistic abuse survivor.  A fairly brand-new blog (as of 10/14/2020), telling, in fantastic detail, stories eerily similar to my (and many of our) own.

Advocacy and Activism Groups:

Stop It Now – a private, non-profit, multi-service agency aimed at stopping child sexual abuse.


(Stay tuned – I’ll likely be adding more resources periodically! – including books!)