About Me

Hi gorgeous ones!

I’m Laina, a 40-something-year-old asexual bi-romantic genderfluid female on the Asperger’s/Autism Spectrum, and how’s that for a mouthful of labels?

I was married to a Neglectful-subtype narcissist, with 3 cats, and one extramarital soul-twin Grandiose/Covert-subtype narcissist (with a little Malignant subtype thrown in there for good measure), with one cat.

Now, I’m still married to Mr Neglectful, but as of 9/17/2020, I’ve split from Mr Grandiose/Covert, and I have all 4 cats who have not yet been blended (the newcomer is still separated from the others).

This blog is about my journey through current and past narcissistic relationships and abuse/neglect.  I’m in the early stages–the toughest ones, reaching, groping, grasping for a lifeline, trying to take care of myself while navigating through the waters of not only being married for 21 years to one narcissist, but also the painful breakup from the other.  I’m trying to realign my life, trying to rediscover myself, trying to grieve the lost relationship, trying to preserve and improve the current marriage, and trying to establish my footing again, and maybe this time, I’ll truly find my spirit.